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Trusted: Just One Egg To Pull All Favour For Interview And Market Boom.

l don't know what else to do again in life,these days anytime I go for business there is no sales and I have almost spent my capital on food and other household expenses. This was the story of a woman who always went out for market and returned home with nothing and as a result almost lost her capital she borrowed from the bank and later found great market boom with this simple but Sharp direction that works like two edged sword. Anyone that uses this egg direction always have a testimony to give. However if you are going for any interview or business that needs more customers and favour just implore this direction and feel the true power of nature.

If you want more of this revelation kindly click, share and follow. For any question and elaborations, reach me on zero five four one twenty twentytwo fiftyone (Nwanwani).

Ingredients:(1) 1 local egg

(2) 7 eyes of rock salt

Direction: On the day of the interview or going out for market, very early in the morning roll the egg and salt on your body from your head to your toe seven times and break it at crossroad and drop the liquid in the egg at the place and bring the shell and salt home and burn them on charcoal fire and you are good to go.

Content created and supplied by: Nwanwani (via Opera News )


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