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I Prefer Selling Boxer Shorts Than Office Work - Female Graduate Revealed Why.

Many graduates in Ghana nowadays are jobless despite their certificates and degrees. Many people in Ghana especially the educated ones are always sitting at home and they always complain that there are no jobs in the country.

Nowadays, before you would get a government job in Ghana, you have to pay for a protocol before you would get access or maybe unless you know someone doing that job before you would get access in it.

The economy is really hard and many graduates especially the university graduates are turning into armed robberies and other bad gangs. Many graduates in Ghana especially don’t like trading or hustling, because they think they are graduates and they are holding degrees and nice certificate so they feel shy.

They always think hustling is just for street boys or uneducated persons, this mentality of some Ghanaians are bringing them down and it must be stop.

A word to a wise is enough, Let us jump straight to our one guest whom we interviewed.

My name is Ernestina Yaa Bempong, I sells boxer shorts at Kantamanto. I started this boxer shorts business with my late mother.

I am a graduate from Takoradi Technical University I read marketing when I was in school. Because I’m a graduate, many people use to ask me why I prefer doing this boxer shorts business than doing government work.

I always respond to that question by telling them that, after my graduation from the university, I offered a government work which couldn’t help me, I wasn’t receiving any enough payment from them, moreover, I knew many of my friends who offers government work but they are not receiving any good salary at the end of the month.

Although there are more advantages in the government work, you can get a loan from any bank and you can get support in case when you are in need, but the most disadvantage thing in government works are, you can be fired at anytime and there is too much stress.

I’m doing my own boxer shorts business, I earn enough money everyday and I’m not under pressure from anybody, I prefer this boxer shorts business than government work.Though I’m trading but I’m happy that I’m a graduate at the same time because I can use my certificate to apply for any government work of my choice. Although government work is good but the boxer shorts business is far better than some of the government jobs.

I would like to advise my fellow graduates that, if you have applied for a job many times and you are not getting the type of job you want so you are sitting at home, please I would like to tell you that, put that your degree and certificates aside and establish your own job now. Please stop depending on your certificate maybe you weren’t made to work as a government worker.

Please stand up, work harder and you would be that better person you would like to become thank you.

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