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Are Ghanaians Afraid Of Paying Taxes Or They are Worried About Not Getting Any Impact From It?

Many Ghanaians have voiced out how they feel after the Budgets 2022 was read by the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta on the 17th of November 2021.

Prevalent among the budget statement was the avoidance of road roll and Introduction of E-Levy. The E-Levy seems to have become a major issue as it aims to increase tax on mobile money transactions by 1.75%. 

Some influential Ghanaians have backed the government on increment of taxes. Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, a leading member of the NPP has said that “Ghana’s development paradox. You say you want the country fixed. Yet, you are against raising revenue to get it fixed! Motives matter!”. He clearly means Ghanaians want development but they are afraid of paying taxes. 

Other Views

The truth is Ghanaians are not afriad of paying taxes for development, their greatest worry and fear is the taxes they pay do not reflect or show the development they are expecting. 

Before the introduction of the e-transaction tax, MTN charged senders of MoMo transfer 1%. This, the Ghanaian public graciously paid to the company without any qualms. The charge did not stop the usage of mobile transaction. Even though the charge is peculiar to MTN, it still dominates the market.

A government decides to levy similar charge for the shared benefit of her citizens, it appears to be problematic. That is not surprising, it should not be. Rationality and choice are however cardinal concepts of economics. If you will prefer to keep cash to e-transaction, you have to weigh your pro and con and make that decision. 

Government is elected to make hard decision, not necessary popular ones. Popular decision are even criticised as political decision while the supposedly unpopular ones are criticised as being insensitive.  

The Major Concerns Of Ghanaians

Over the years Ghanaians have alleged of that the taxes they usually pay don't reflect development. They are of the view that corruption and misuse of tax payers money are the order of the day.

One would have said it's just an allegation and the mindset of Ghanaians but the truth is, there are lot of scandals involving the squandering of tax payers money. Sometimes the Auditor General's report confirms the embezzlement of tax payers money into an individual's pocket.

How do you encourage people to pay raised taxes if they know that most of the taxes are going to end in someone's account and not the nation?

If the various taxes collected over the past doesn't portray the development they anticipated for?


Many Ghanaians are against the E-Levy simply because they haven't seen enough development from the taxes they've paid previously.

The truth is Ghanaians are not afriad of paying taxes but they feel like they don't see the value of the taxes they pay. Without knowing or seeing the impact of something, it becomes difficult to commit to it.

It's time for Ghanaian leaders to re-evaluate how taxes are used and channelled to it's appropriate quarters for maximum impactation to be felt. With this way, Ghanaians will be willing to accept paying increment in taxes without any brouhaha.

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