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Making agriculture the bases of an industrialization: still the way to go? [Feature]

Agriculture as the name sound is defined in so many way, but an agriculturist will tell you agriculture is defined as the science, art and business of cultivating the soil for crop production and the rearing of farm animals for industrial and human consumption. The relationship that exist between the agricultural sector and the industry sector cannot be left out and that is why it needs much attention. 

Sustainability of humanity solely depends on about Seventy-five percent (75%) of agricultural produce. The relationship between agriculture and the industry works reciprocally. Which means that without the industry agriculture produce will only be in their raw state which needs to be processed into finished goods.

The industry provides or manufacture farm inputs to the agricultural sector and agricultural sector on the other way round use these inputs to perform farm operations to achieve a desired task (output) 

The agricultural sector also provides raw materials such as cotton to the industry in order to process these raw materials into finished goods. This helps to improve upon both the primary and the secondary production which at the end helps to improve the country's economic stature and also enhance the standard of living of its people. In fact this point is one of the factors leading to the collapse of our agricultural sector because there are not enough factories to process these raw materials. 

In developed countries, where the manufacturing sector produces machines, fertilizers etc. For the agricultural sector aided by financing, the agricultural sector has developed to the extent that the sector now occupies about ten percent of the labour force. 

To sum it up, both the manufacturing and the agricultural sector needs much attention because these sectors contribute massively towards the growth and the development of country which helps to reduce the unemployment rate. 

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