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Ghanaians will never progress unless they are open-minded - UK Based Ghanaians on investing in Ghana

UK-based Ghanaian Bessem Bikhazi has stated that Ghanaians must change their mentality to attract progress as a country. 

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Bessem disclosed that he lost thousands of pounds after investing in a food delivery app because the restaurant owners needed the service, but for free. 

“The politics, mentality, corruption, backstabbing is off-putting. I stayed in Ghana for four months, dedicated to launching the app before leaving. The restaurant owners were interested, but they expected it for free. 

Ghana and Ghanaians will never progress unless they are open-minded because the little you give, the more you take. Ghanaians want to take. I’m referring to the clients I dealt with,” he revealed.

Moreover, Bessem mentioned that after the ‘Chop Time’ app failed, he packed up and left with disappointment. Mr Bikhazi added that he lost interest in establishing a business in Ghana.

“I’m not interested anymore. Honestly, I have so many amazing ideas, and it’s sad because Ghana is my homeland. I wanted to open a massive pinball field. I had everything planned out. They wanted at least 20% equity in the business before giving me the clearance,” he added. 

Bessem was born in Osu to a Ghanaian mother and a Lebanese father. After four months, his family moved to the UK, where he stayed till age six before returning to Ghana. Bessem had his primary and secondary education in Ghana. He was one half of the rap group ’Natty Strangers.’ The other is Tic Tac, now Tic.

Kindly watch the full interview on YouTube: SVTV Africa

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