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How to Buy Your First House In Ghana Before The Age Of 30

For a lot of people the thought of buying a house is something that is for old people or people who have worked for years. Even at that, they believe it is always better to buy a land before you even think about owning a house.

Whilst buying a land could be far better and cheaper, in a country where buying a land can become a second world war with land guards and multiple owners, it will be better to consider buying a house instead of going through the stress of buying a land before building a house

The safest and cheapest way to buy your first house is through realtors and mortgage companies.

Realtors or real estate companies have projects that allow you to buy either finish houses, semi finish houses, or even houses that have not been started yet. But the good thing about realtors or real estate companies is that they give you flexible options for payment because some of these realtors act as mortgage companies

So once you see the realtors and identify the type of house you can afford based on your income, you will then negotiate for payment terms that will make it possible for you to pay for the house.

You could negotiate to have the payment spread within 1 year or 20 years depending on your capabilities

If the realtors or Real Estate Company does not offer mortgage facility or flexible terms, you will have to find a mortgage company to help you complete the purchases.

It helps if you already have some savings or money stuck somewhere that could be enough to pay large deposit but if you do not have any money stuck away anywhere, you could still go ahead to have the payment spread for you within a certain period based on your salary or income

There are a lot of good mortgage and realtor companies in Ghana that will be more than willing to help you buy your first house.

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