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Mobile Money Tricks And Ways To Deal With Them

Mobile money is a way by which people move about with huge sums of money without attracting criminals and other bad people. It has helped a lot of people in various ways. People no longer have to go through the stress of carrying huge sums of money on them in order to do business.

Mobile money has in a way reduced the rate at which people attack others for their money. It has now become difficult for these criminals to identify people with money on them. They have therefore adopted new ways of going about their activities.

These criminals (fraudsters) now call people and tell them all sort of lies in order to dupe them of their hard earned money. Some even send strange messages and at times request for mobile money pin codes from people. Some people fall for these tricks, but others don't.

These activities of the fraudsters frustrate and causes pain to a lot of people. The various networks companies or Services providers must therefore put measures in place in order to bring it under control.

Individuals on the other hand must be very vigilant on order not to be defrauded. In order to avoid these fraudsters, the following tips can be followed:

1. The pin code you choose for your mobile money account must be very strong.

2. Your pin code should be kept private. Never give it to anyone.

3. Confirm every transaction you make and avoid giving your phones and pin codes to mobile money agents.

4. In case you forget your pin code and want to change, contact your service provider for assistance.

Thank you!

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