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Accra could work again, if these 3 factors are considered by the authorities.

Accra, the Capital city of Ghana is the golden city of the country, most foreigners and investors prefer to settle in the capital. However, various parts of the city is drenched in filth, so the question is how do we make Accra work and great again? In order to make the capital work and great again, we need to make it the cleanest city is the country and as such, other cities will follow suit. This article will dive into what needs to be done to make Accra work again.

1. Unauthorized Billboards must be taken down.

In Ghana, Billboards are mounted indiscriminately without authorization. How do we make the capital work if there's no law governing such activities. Although, billboards are meant for advertisements, but these billboards are mounted anyhow in the capital, and it has been a problem. All hands must be on deck with the authorities to take down unlicensed billboards.

2. Drenching the drainage systems.

One problem the capital has been facing is filth in the drainage systems. People in Accra has made it a habit of dumping plastic wastes into the gutters. Gutters must be kept clean at all time. Dust bins must be placed at vantage points to house plastic waste. 

3. Authorities must relocate unauthorized food vendors. 

In Ghana, people tend to place kiosks at any place they deem right. Food vendors are found everywhere, and are found congested on the streets of Accra, how do we make the capital work, if there's no law governing such activities. Authorities could embark on an exercise to rid the city of wrongly positioned kiosks of food vendors. I believe if Ghanaians cooperate with Authorities, Accra can work again, and at the end discipline and sanity will be restored in the city. 

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