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Car Owners And Ghanaians In Trouble As Fuel Prices Are Expected To Shoot Up Again.

Increase in fuel prices means increase in price of everyday items, be it food, clothing, water, gadgets and everything buyable. The ministry of Energy said it's working with the ministry of finance to suspend some taxes that contribute to increases in fuel prices.

Head of pricing at the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Abass Ibrahim Tasunti says government's decision to suspend some levies on fuel prices is a response to further expected hikes in the pricing of fuel. The government's decision is to cushion Ghanaians from the harsh realities of the Covid-19 pandemic, he added.

Mr Ibrahim Tasunti in an interview with Nathaniel Nartey said the continuous hikes in price of fuel is as a result of increase in global prices of fuel and that the government has nothing to do with it but then, the government has been concerned about these rises as it affects all Ghanaians, not just car owners.

He stated that the only thing the government can do to minimise the impact of this global rise in fuel prices is to cut off or reduce certain taxes on the fuel. This is because even if you are an oil producing country, you cannot determine the price of fuel on the market since it is global commodity. A state can only determine what to do with the revenues generated from the oil produced.

The government is working in order to reduce some levies on fuel to control the rise.

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