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Made in Ghana: A Ghanaian company is building houses entirely from plastic waste - Take a look

Making extraordinary things out of the simplest material and knowledge at your dispose, - that is what we call innovation. There are a lot of people from different countries around the world who are considered to be innovative. More often than not, Africans are not given the needed attention when it comes to innovation. We see the credits of most new inventions eventually being given to westerners and it is usually because we fail to add uniqueness to most of the things we come up with.

The story is no longer so for sometime now, as we begin to see more and more Africans Come up with brilliant ideas in the field of science and technology. There is a brilliant man in Ghana who has come up with sophisticated ways of turning plastic waste into real estate. This is a very good course because for a long time now, managing plastic waste has been one the most difficult challenges Ghana and almost every other African country have been facing.

A young and innovative Ghanaian man called Nelson Boateng has got what seems to be the perfect and long lasting solution to the plastic waste menace. Nelson is the founder and CEO of Nelplast Eco Ghana. In an interview with Wode Maya, Ghana's most popular YouTube creator, Nelson said he established his company a few years back after he won a bid and bought a family warehouse which has now become the company's main production plant.

Nelplast Eco Ghana uses various forms of plastic waste, except PVC and sand to form blocks, pavement tiles and other construction materials.

The company does not only produce these materials. They have specialized in using them to build houses. They have a sample house which is built entirely out of plastic waste, from the block work to the flooring except the roofing which is metal. The company has its own website and is fast growing to become the leading producer of plastic blocks and recycled houses in Africa.

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