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Meet the man with no hands but can do what you cannot do with your two hands

This is a wonderful story of a man who was born with no hands and has grown to fully adapt to his environment to literally do everything by himself and for himself.

Afrimax, an online media channel traced this amazing Tanzanian man called ‘Hamissi’ who has refused to be disabled. Yes he has refused to be disabled and sit at home or be on the streets begging but rather engages in all manner of work to survive. The work he engages in are real hardwork that the strongest man on earth would not do.

He cultivates the land to grow crops, he carries firewood and all manner of associated work to survive. He has even been able to climb Africa’s tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro where he climbed faster than an Australian man who was on the same mission with him. He lives with his mother, his father has passed. His wife and child have deserted him due to his limbless nature. He had some level of basic education and can draw and write with his mouth and leg. This should be a lesson to us and our children who have everything but refuse to learn.

This handsome man is an inspiration to us all that we can all make life meaningful. He is living life to the fullest with no hands but some of us with full body parts and born normal keep complaining every day. 

This is a very touching story as some online users seized the moment to shower praises on him by saying that “he is an inspiration to the entire world”.

What do you think about this wonderful man?

Kindly drop your views in the comments section below and follow me for more enticing stories in and around our lovely continent of Africa.

Below is the link to a YouTube video showing the details of his life.

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