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Covid-19 and Ghanaian businesses

How COVID-19 has impacted businesses, what agile and disruptive technologies have changed the world in the pandemic and what is Africa learning or adopting from these technologies.

Corona virus, also known as COVID-19 has been a pandemic which has affected the world in so many areas, especially in our businesses. In order to adapt to the changes which this pandemic has brought, various businesses adopted various means. Agile and disruptive technologies can be said to be fast moving innovations that changes the way a company operates. Some recent disruptive technologies include e-commerce, online news sites, ride-sharing apps and GPS systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made most businesses to resort to disruptive technologies which helps to meet the needs of consumers and also suitable for the situation at hand. Instead of the usual face-to-face businesses, most companies now resort to virtual means of conducting their businesses. In the past, people used to go to supermarkets in order to do their shopping but with the introduction of e-commerce, people can sit in the comfort of their house and shop over the internet and their products would be delivered to their doorsteps.

Medical innovations such as vaccines that were not there before, genomic directed clinical trials, gene editing using CRISPR, cell-free fetal DNA testing have also caused a change in the world. The list of medical disruptions also includes cancer screening through protein biomarker analysis, frictionless remote monitoring and more. 

Africa, especially Ghana is learning from these technologies such that it is trying to develop these technologies in the country. As it can be seen, most companies now go the internet way to do their transactions. Broadcast stations now go the virtual way instead of the hardcopy medium. Even looking at our medical sector, certain technologies have been adopted to help in our various hospitals.

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