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The price of Gari and Maize hit the pocket of many Ghanaians very massively

The famous flagship policy of the ruling governing party is coming to a heavy dose of criticisms following the rise in prices of major staples that affected the pocket of many Ghanaians.

This is coming at a time when inflation remains at 9.84% and the policy rates of the bank of Ghana remain at 14.5%. Normally the Bank of Ghana policy rates, in theory, could drive major factors in the market such as inflation, a good policy rate tells you the rate of inflation is relative to the price of the basic commodity.

However, our checks confirmed the price of Maize and Gari is no longer on the first floor they have occupied the fifth floor of the Flagstaff House where the policymakers are overwhelmed about the sudden spark in inflation of these major commodities which as you know, friends of many families.

This situation has arisen from a failed planting for food and jobs program says a political analyst, Eng Prof, adding with a bold statement that the recent spark in fuel prices is not entirely responsible but rather economic mismanagement under the watch of Nana Akuffo Addo.

Meanwhile, private transport owners have come to send a very strong message to who? Government and Ghanaians that since the price of petroleum products refused to come down or remain predictable they will adjust upward what they currently charge Ghanaian, this is sad very sad.

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