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[Opinion]: When The People Become Fed Up, No Army In The World Can Save The Government In Power.

Our hard-of-hearing ruling elites need to be very, very careful, oooo. They must stop thinking they are invincible. The e-levy issue can ruin this country if those currently in power aren't sensitive to the suffering of ordinary folk across Ghana, oooo. Yoooooooo...

The fact of the matter is that precious few industry watchers foresaw that mobile telecommunications companies, would one day become fintech platforms enabling tens of millions of the unbanked, to send, receive and save cash in digital wallets, in daily transactions dwarfing transactions carried out by traditional brick-and-mortar banks, when MTN first came to Ghana.

Thus, in a sense, what are unprecedented windfall profits, which telcos offering mobile money services today, are making, ought to be taxed. That is why the e-levy is a good idea - but only if it is levied on the mobile money transaction charges fixed by the telcos themselves. Nothing more, nothing less. Yoooooo...

In light of the controversy the e-levy has stirred up, and the arrogant response of the sly finance minister, those now in power ought to remember (in case they forget), that all our post-independence enforced-regime-change events, occurred because those in power had become politically complacent, and impervious to the cries of ordinary folk, struggling to make ends meet, daily, nationwide.

Finally, for the information of those now in power, when ordinary people are forced to the point where they feel that rebelling en masse (against selfish-kleptocrats governing them), is the only way to end their suffering, no army on earth can stop them, to keep tone-deaf and power-drunk politicians (completely lacking wisdom), in power, oooo. Yoooooo...

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