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NPP, What Did We Do To Deserve This? How Did We Even Get Here? - IMANI Vice President Laments

Selorm Branttie, the Vice President of IMANI Africa has quizzed what Ghanaians did to NPP to deserve these hardships and mismanagement in Ghana.

He lamented that NPP borrows to spend on champagne projects so that people will give them fans. He alleged that then, they and their friends steal the rest of money and stash it abroad, building other economies.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Wednesday, 12th October 2022, he wrote;

"Then you hold parties and laugh at others who say be careful of the borrowing. You don't get tired, so you decide to borrow more money to "save" some banks, meanwhile some of the banks you "saved" are in better shape than others that you have raped silly and are just ATMs for corrupt politicians (I see you NIB).

Then you use more than twice the money required to "save" these banks to save them. You still borrow against advice.

Then you decide that you can use Bauxite you have not even used a pickaxe to dig to borrow. You say it's not a debt but it's barter. So you colet that money too and chop to show others that they are noisemakers."

"Then you decide that the bauxite isn't enough, why not just borrow some more and give away the rights to all future minerals not just gold, in perpetuity to a company you yourself have created with ghosts as shareholders. So that the whole country's future royalties goes to this phantom company. Knowing what you are planning is illegal, you quietly want to bypass parliament and get caught, and yet you still want to do it and hive off more money." Selorm alleged.

You are caught again, yet you call others noisemakers and Jeremiahs. You brand them all sorts of names. Now you create some infrastructure fund and give them a fake award from Forbes Monaco or some fancy name to pump fake credibility into it......

Then you still borrow, even when ratings are down you write long letters saying the same people who do ratings for EVERYONE ELSE in the world hate you. You are throwing double stamp tackles and get off with a yellow card and you say the ref is stupid. Nobody vex....

In the midst of this you are fixated on a "national priority" was to sped 25 million dollars paying an architect for a project that hasn't even broken ground, purported to do what?

Be a national place of worship for a country with over 20 different religions? And import stones from Israel? Even God will curse our land barren for this level of stupidity because even in the name of building a cathedral you were lying too and giving contracts to your family members.

Tell us, who got the contracts for carting away the excavated soil? Who got the monies paid and where did they buy the trucks from?

if Ghanaians are stupid then God is too? Just like the bunch of "Christian leaders" who are supporting this fraud like how they defraud their own hapless church members? 

Then you get up one day and in this shrinking economy the smartest thing you could do is to chase Alhaji's whose interventions have actually helped keep things stable. Meanwhile your own friends are changing dollars gidigidi and stashing yet you make it look like it's the alhaji's to blame.

As if that's not enough, haircuts are coming on future investments which are even already depreciating to every damned currency on earth.

"NPP, What did we do to deserve this? How did we even get here?" He asked.

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