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Treasury bills are good investment instruments

Treasury bills are regarded one of the safest types of investing because they are backed by the Ghana government and are risk-free.

You can buy 91-day (3-month) and 182-day (6-month) Treasury bills from several Ghanaian banks, such as Ecobank, for as little as five Ghana Cedis.

However, the interest rate and returns increase as the number of days increases.

Treasury bills are risk-free investments that allow consumers to roll over both the principal and interest or keep the investment (roll over the principal) and take the interest.

They're also simple to exchange for money.

There are also no transaction expenses, which means that transactions utilising Treasury Bills are free.

T-Bills can be used as collateral to get bank loans, and there is no limit to the amount that can be purchased. It all depends on how much you're willing to spend and how much money you have.

Knowing the interest rate on a potential investment, whether it's treasury bills or bonds, is usually always the first thing most people look for before making a decision.

According to, this is how to calculate the interest rate on a Treasury Bill.

When purchasing Treasury bills, there is no declared interest rate.

T-Bills are instead sold for less than face value. The difference between the face value and the maturity payment is your interest.

For example, you could spend GH978 for a T-Bill having a face value of GH1,000. When it matures, you will receive your GH978 purchase price plus GH22 interest.

According to the Bank of Ghana, the interest rate on the 182 day-bill is 13.3085 percent, the 91 day-bill is 13.0269 percent, and the 364 day-bill is 16.9567 percent as of February 28, 2022.

These tariffs, on the other hand, are changed weekly on the website of the Bank of Ghana. This is to assist investors in deciding whether or not to invest.

You can either do it manually or use the online Ghana Treasury Bills Calculator.

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