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How Are We Going To Give Offerings In Church? Ghanaians Object To The Phasing Out Of 1 And 2 Cedis

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has made its intention of phasing out of the system 1 and 2 Ghana Cedis notes. The reason why they intend to do so is that there are no value for money in printing the one Cedis and two Cedis notes. This could mean that the amount of money spent in printing the 1 and 2 Cedis notes exceeds the actual value of the money. As a result, if the BoG follows through with its intention, then the 1 Cedis and 2 Cedis notes will be replaced by coins. 

This did not go down well with Ghanaians as they strongly objected to it. Though the value will remain the same when they remove the 1 cedis and 2 Cedis notes, some Ghanaians still object to it as there are special instances where these notes will be needed. 

If you often attend church, then you will understand why some people are not agreeing with this intention of the BoG. Most of us contribute 1 Cedis and 2 Cedis at church and of late offertory bowls are being made of glasses and in order not to feel embarrassed we prefer paper notes to coins. Dropping coins into the offertory bowl gives mixed reactions as some people may think that you have just contributed 50 pesewas or less at church though it may not be so. 

In a media post asking the thoughts of Ghanaians concerning the phasing out of the 1 and 2 Ghana Cedis notes, a lot of reactions were seen from Ghanaians who stumbled on this post and their reactions suggest that they are not in agreement with the BoG's decision. 

Here are some of the reactions that are captured under the post.

"How are we going to give offering in church? Please don't do that" was a reaction from Komashie Bless. The others are below; 

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