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Why Africa is Rich and it’s people are poor

Because many Africans believe in superstition, many of the problems that plague the continent are attributed to particular beliefs. Some illiterate Africans believe that the continent is cursed. That generally makes me laugh because Africa is the world's most blessed continent in terms of agriculture and mineral riches.

Africa is not cursed; whatever occurs on the continent that causes suffering, frustration, depression, anxiety, and terror is due to man's actions. The so-called leaders, who are motivated by greed and corruption and have no idea what is right or wrong, are to blame. They believe that I don't care about the rest as long as "their bellies are full." Nonetheless, they act as though they care.

I don't blame fellow Africans who frequently make derogatory remarks because there are some realities that no one in Africa will ever know, such as the truth about Aids and Ebola, unless they live in Europe. An African's perspective on domestic concerns is understandable, but not on international matters. 

This is why every Ghanaian is more concerned with domestic concerns than with international crises that threaten our economies. So, how can you persuade a Ghanaian that Aids and Ebola were created to kill us and seize control of our vast natural resources? Furthermore, how could you persuade an African that their government are sponsoring biological weapons testing?

Even if many people in Europe and America struggle, they are not as poor as Africans. Food, on the other hand, is the cheapest commodity. Food is so inexpensive in Europe and America that people who are addicted to it are obese. If food has overflowing in Africa, as it has in Europe and America, I believe that all Africans will sleep soundly without criticizing their rulers.

Because Africa is still developing, recovering from mental slavery and the horrors of Apartheid, and because thousands of people die of Aids every day, the continent's leaders should have run it in such a way that bitter stories or history do not repeat themselves in the continent, allowing all Africans to be happy after hard work.

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