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If The Best Farmer In Accra Is Given A Bicycle, Imagine What A Farmer In The Village Will Be Given

I think agriculture is no more the backbone of the country's economy looking at how we treat our farmers. It is really devastating the way we do not uplift two professions in this country; teaching and farming. They give their all but we do not value their efforts.

The payroll is full and graduates are expected to find jobs all by themselves but looking at certain things happening, I doubt most of them will think about farming.

Today is farmer's day, a day set up to honor farmers in the country and encourage them to do more. We are obviously going to starve if farmers decide not to work. This shows how significant they are in our lives and how impactful they are on this country's economy.

Farmers who stood out in the course of the year have been honored. Well, an award was given to a certain farmer, and it has caused stir on the social media. The overall best farmer for the Accra Metropolitan Asembly has been honored for his hard work and looking at the items he received, people cannot help but rant.

They don't understand why an overall best farmer in Accra Metropolitan Asembly will be given a bicycle, a sprayer and a few items. They claim if a farmer in Accra is being given this, imagine what a farmer in a village somewhere will be given.

Some think the leaders are not being fair to farmers. They spend huge amount of money on certain things which are not that relevant yet, ignore the most important things. How do you expect the youth to develop love for farming if this is what you give your best farmers? We really have a long way to go. Take a look at some of the comments netizens decided to give;

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