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Top 5 African Countries with the Most RICH People

Welcome back to another informative and research done work by my team and I. Every country in this world are blessed with really wealthy people living in them.

In todays article, we will be counting the top 5 list of African countries with the most rich people in order. Before we proceed let's look at the definition of rich. Rich can be defined as having more than enough of material possessions; owning much money or property; wealthy and living a joyful life than hardship.

There are thousands of rich people in Africa but some stands tall in terms of the richest and some countries have the most of them in their country. Now let's check out the top list;

5 Morocco

The Off Season Is In: Northern Morocco in High Summer | Here Magazine @ Away

Morocco has over 4,824 Millionaires in the country. This makes them occupy the 5th position.

4 Kenya

Public narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants: Kenya  country profile |

Kenya has over 8,987 millionaires in the country.

3 Nigeria

Letter From Nigeria: Coronavirus and the <a class=African City | ArchDaily"/>

Nigeria has 4 billionaires and over 1,429 millionaires.

2 Egypt

Archaeological Tour of Egypt &amp; Algeria

They has 6 Billionaires and over 2,260 millionaires in the country.

1 South Africa

South Africa Country Profile -

They has 5 Billionaires and over 60,000 Millionaires.

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