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Indian Woman Covered Her Face With Thousands Of Bees - Causing Massive Stir Online

A southern India woman has identified as Jisha has been spotted which thousands of bees covering her face.

According to this Indian lady every one should grow at least one honey bee yard in his or farm.

Jisha is a bees farmer who rear bees to make money for her living.

She was spotted covering her face with the bees that got a lot af people confused and surprised. One may consider this as crazy but Jisha said;

"We consider honey as a preventive medicine which can be consumed by all. If we consume honey daily, our bones and teeth will become stronger"

"There is no need to fear the little insects. Honey bees don't attack,''

She can cover her face with the bees and walk with her children in town. This woman is fearless as she was spotted with over thousands of bees covering her face.

According to Jisha, she makes money out of the bees therefore everyone must have at least one bees yard in his or her farm.

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