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Revealed: The Tribe That Cover Themselves With Clay To Escape Mosquito Bite And Evil Spirit.

Have you been thinking about the possibility of using clay to cover yourself to escape the bite of mosquitoes and preventing flies to come to your room or house? Anyway, it is so possible, as you can reflect from the title of the article, the Mandari tribe uses clay to prevent mosquito bites and flies. Now let us know a bit about the Mandari tribe before knowing know they use the clay.

Mandarin tribe is a tribe found in Sudan, now southern Sudan because of the demarcation of Sudan into north and south Sudan. The people themselves are called "Karo". They are mostly into cattle rearing and agriculture. Bari, Pojulu, Kakwa and Nyangwara are all part of the Karo people. They speak Kutuk Na Mundari which is their local dialect.

Why do they use clay?

The use of clay by the Mandari Tribe mostly the Karo people is because in their culture that has been pass on to them from their ancestors. I call they clay "mosquito bite antidote". They mostly get this type of clay from their farmland. It is believed that the clay on their farm is fortified by their ancestors. When they use it on their body, it does not only prevent the bite of a mosquito and flies but it also prevents them from spiritual sickness and another unforeseen sickness.

How do they prepare it?

They get the clay from their farmland and firstly wet it with water, then they will pound it to become very smooth. They make sure they remove all imperial from it. In the next step, they get the leaves of the Nim tree, also pound or grind it to become very as smooth. they then mix it with the pounded clay. The mosquito bite antidote(clay) is then left in the sun for 3 to 4 hours. They believe by drying the mosquito antidote, the ancestors whom they believe are in heaven watching them are pouring their blessing on it so that it will be more effective.

Can you also do it?

Of course, you can do that to prevent the bite of a mosquito, just get clay and the Nim tree leaves. Grind the two together to become very smooth, apply it to your body when going to bed. Note that, this will not only prevent the mosquito bite but also prevent the bad spirit from coming close to you.

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