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Foreign exchange

Free Forex trading training in Ghana.

Forex trading in Ghana has not been at its best as our fellow African countries such South Africa and even Nigeria.

Very few people are involved in trading and just a hand full of those people are able to make profits in the markets.

I was able to make my research and i found one of the young best forex traders in Ghana who even runs a company in charge of teaching and training people to also get into trading and it is all for free. most companies would charge huge sums of money before they can even give you a basic introduction to what forex is.

"Tylon academy" is the name of the company of this young trader. they have a very decent website where you can register and get started for free. We tried to get in touch with him on phone and we only Had 20 minutes to ask all the questions we had. This is how the conversation went.


so tell us how many years have you been in this industry.

the CEO:

I have been doing this for about 3 years and the company was just a year ago.


yes, talking about the company, what inspired you to begin it?

the CEO:

Actually it just started as a small group on campus where I used to meet the everyday to teach them about Forex. as time went on the group became big and so I hade to move it to online. because people from other schools wanted to join the study too. it was then "Tylon Academy" was born. I also had some friend in South Africa who were also trading. so I had to invite them to help me run the tutorials and other stuff. I never knew "tylon academy" will grow to become well known in Ghana as it is now. we currently have about 469 students who are doing great.


: so how long does it take for someone to become perfect in trading.

the CEO:

nobody ever becomes perfect in trading. you just get to the point where you are able to analyze correctly most of the time. and that will be enough for you to make money in the forex market. but if what you meant to say ask is how long our trading take, then I would say about 3 mouths.


so what will you say makes you company stand out?

the CEO:

We are simply very effective. other companies will just give you videos to watch, but we go steps ahead to guide you and also we have a general live class every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Anyone can join us by visiting our website, which is "tylonacademy".

Me: thank you very much for your time.

I have also spent time to follow-up to check their website and also get InTouch with some of their student its was great.

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