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Overcrowding in Ghanaian Markets Amid COVID-19

Ghana has lots of markets spread across the various communities in the various regions. There are major markets like Makola market in the Greater Accra Region, Kotokoraba market in the Central Region, Kejetia market in the Ashanti Region, among others. Markets found in the various communities are highly visited by members of the community and visitors, in a day. Most communities have just one market.

However, not all of the various communities have a market. For this reason, people from communities without a local market will have to move to the closest community with a market to purchase their items. Most Ghanaians would want to buy their stuffs from a major market or a market that has cheaper prices for their commodities. Due to this, we have a lot of people moving into the major markets and cheapest markets in a day. Some traders also want to trade in a market that has lots of people visiting it at all times. 

In our local markets, we have more of traders that have to either carry and roam with their commodities or those who have the ability to rent a market stall or shop for themselves. However, there are some traders who also arrange their commodities on pavement meant for pedestrians and even on the roads in the markets that are also meant for vehicles that supply commodities.

This has been a major cause of overcrowding in our local markets. One problem associated with these overcrowded environment is that sanitation is not properly practised. On market days, our local markets even gets more overcrowded than on a normal day. 

Our local markets usually get overcrowded and sometimes even choked causing human traffic in the market. Most of the traders and even customers do not realise the effects of trading in this overcrowded environment. In an overcrowded market, the possibility of spreading air-borne diseases is very high. Before the novel covid-19 and the wearing of nose mask to ensure safety, traders and customers will sneeze or cough into the open air, forgetting that they could spread airborne diseases.

Sadly, with overcrowding, the distance between the one coughing or sneezing and the people around her is so close making the transfer of airborne diseases easier. Even with the current safety protocol of wearing a nose mask to help reduce the spread of corona virus, our markets remains overcrowded and most people do not even put on their face mask. 

Overcrowding in our markets has also made room for minor vehicle accidents in the market. This is because, some traders have to arrange their goods along the roads mesnt for supply vehicles. Some traders even bring their things outside the market, to the surrounding roads. There was an incident that a truck run over some market women and customers close to the Ashaiman traffic light. After the incident, there are still traders selling at that same spot. Even inside the market, when supply vehicles are approaching, traders and customers will have to start running for their safety by perching in the nearest market stall, for the vehicle to pass. Unluckily, some people end up being knocked by the vehicle. 

The overcrowding in our local market sometimes leads to the fast spread of fire outbreak in the market. Among the crowd, we have some traders who sell foods that are instantly made with fire in the market and when there is a gas leakage or fire outbreak, all those people surrounding the place, get affected. There was also an instance where the fire outbreak in Tema community one market was traced to the leakage of the gas of a pancake seller. 

In a nutshell, our overcrowded markets could do as more harm than good and strict measures needs to be taken by the government to enforce good distancing in our markets while we advice individuals of the effects of overcrowding in our markets. before we begin to lose more lives right from the market. 

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