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The Old Man Who Has Been Living All Alone For 45 Years In A Small Village.

Timothy Mensah, an 85-year-old cocoa farmer lives solely in his modest cottage called Akurakese in the Eastern region of Ghana where he cultivates cocoa. The closest village to his cottage is 15 kilometres away which makes it a little bit difficult to walk to and fro on regular basis. Mr. Timothy has 9 children but they decided to live for the big cities to find greener pastures.

According to the old man, he chose to stick around in his cottage in order to maintain his cocoa plantation because no one was prepared to live in such a condition to take care of the farm. Because of how small his cottage is, he has to parade for almost 15 kilometres to the nearest town to access essential amenities like a market to purchase foodstuffs.

The grown up man was discovered by Eva Akpene Agbozo of Agro Women Africa, a none-profit organization working for the transformation of women farmers and rural communities in Ghana. Eva was in the Eastern Region of Ghana for their Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) project when they crashed into the old man in the deserted cottage.

As immortal humans, the old man is currently suffering from shortsightedness and also living without electricity and and clean water.

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