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A Bold Step: Massive Reaction As Traders Are Sacked From The Newly Constructed Pokuase Interchange.

Many African countries are hundreds of years behind in development due to illiteracy, whereas others are rapidly growing due to people's optimistic attitudes. Ghanaians, in my experience as a citizen of this country, are extremely tough to rule. To bring discipline to the system, a military dictator will be required, exactly as the late president, Jerry John Rawlings, used to flog people in public.

The Pokuase Interchange, which was designed to be a tourist attraction, has turned into a market. Some hungry individuals have set up areas and wooden tables close beneath the bridge to conduct daily market activities. City guards and other individuals were seen dismantling the structures and tables built up by these unabashed people in a video that has gone viral.

There is no question that these people will show up in large numbers in the coming weeks to occupy the area while the authorities remain silent for fear of losing future votes. Guards should be deployed to patrol the Interchange on a daily basis to deter market encroachment, and anyone caught misbehaving under the Interchange should be harshly punished to deter others from doing the same.

These tight limits should not be applied simply to the Pokuase Interchange. All large public sites that have been converted to market grounds should be treated in the same way.

Pastoral ads, houses for rent, and businesses will soon saturate the entire interchange walls. Even before it was commissioned, I'm sure trash had already begun. What kind of people do we have in this country? We are our own worst enemy.

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