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Decision to burn excavators is an indictment on Akufo-Addo's men [OPINION]

The burning of earth moving machines such as Excavators and Bulldozers in the fight against Galamsey is turning out to be an irrational decision adopted by the policymakers in this instance. It is also more like an indictment on the current leadership of the country.

The established norm, anywhere in the world on seizures of things such as machines and other non-consumables is for the seizing authority to take possessions of such items to either auction them out or make good use of same. Excavators for instance are valuable machines and the state will need it in developing the country.

Decommissioning (Burning) such valuable properties rather than confiscating them smacks of poverty of ideas. The excuse that, taking possession of these machines in the past caused embarrassment to the government since party folks stole and sold them amongst themselves exposes another lack of leadership.

So, the President cannot make sure that these machines are seized and used for the benefit of the state? He cannot also trust people to supervise the collection of these equipments? There are actually no other innovative way of implementing this operation and securing the seized excavators without destroying them?

The current operation unfortunately leaves many questions unanswered. The answer is simple. The President cannot trust state items into the hands of assigns. He is working with untrustworthy people around him, and that is a disaster. 

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