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Simple And Affordable One Bedroom Self Contained House Plan Ideas For Small Families

Whether you have a small family or you are a bachelor just like myself, owning a home must be one of your priorities. If this doesn't fall into your priorities, then I guess you are going for a wild ride. Owning a place where you can call home is something everyone must strive hard to achieve. Unfortunately, we live in a country where owning a house is quite the difficult task. Acquiring a land is very stressful, especially in Accra where the land can be sold to another person.

After the land acquisition comes the task force with their permit issues, making you walk to and from their office like you owe a debt. Then comes the almighty expensive building materials, which can make you spend years in completing your building. The whole process gets much more slower if you are paying rent. That is why you must get a small place for yourself, a place that will save you from paying expensive rent before starting your big home.

Single Room self contained houses are the best when it comes to saving you from rent. Check out these single room self contained house plan ideas that you should consider for your temporal home.

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