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Atuabo Shutdown : There Is Sufficient Gas To Prevent Dumsor – Ghana Gas

The Ghana National Gas Company Limited (GNGCL) has stated that regular engineering and maintenance of machines and equipment at its Atuabo Gas Processing Station in the Western Region will not be overlooked.

The Company insists that engineering and maintenance work is solely to ensure the integrity of its processing plant and that it will continue to do so in compliance with international best practices.

“So how a section of the public feels that when we off the Atuabo Gas Plant then the nation returns to having power outages, this cannot be true. I have stated that there is a system in place which allows us to have Gas from ENI, that’s a combination of Atuabo, ENI, and an additional one that gives us extra gas to generate electricity for Ghanaians.

“Therefore, despite the fact that we have off the Atuabo Gas Plant, as I am talking to you there is still gas that would not bring any challenge to Ghanaians with respect to power generation,” the Head of Corporate Communications for GNGCL, Ernest Owusu Bempah explained to the media.

In October of this year, the Ghana National Gas Company shut down its processing plant in Atuabo to allow for routine engineering and maintenance work.

The 14-day work schedule differs from prior shutdowns, and it is intended to increase capacity for ongoing productivity while extending the life of machinery and equipment.

The job included installing high-integrity pressure systems, replacing small-bore piping, and cleaning heat exchangers.

The engineering and maintenance work, on the other hand, has run out of time. There have been rumors about the delay and its impact on electricity generation since then.

The Ghana Gas Company’s Head of Corporate Communications indicated that there are other trustworthy options available in terms of gas supply for the country’s power plants.

“Under no circumstance will anybody sit down and think that the processing plant is just there and it has to be there without consistent maintenance culture. It is very important that any other day the processing plant can be shut down because of consistent maintenance protocols that we need to follow, he added.


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