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Meet The Richest Family in The World, They Control The Gold Market And Richer Than Bill Gates' Family

This family are very secretive when it comes to showing off their wealth, there is a lot to talk about these families, many only know that they are wealthy and reside in Europe, but today i am going to share some interesting facts about this family that you might never have heard of.

The Rothschild family are fortunate enough to have enough cash to control almost the affairs of the world, although they don't have much influence left after dividing their wealth.

1. Some of them were too ambitious towards power

money as they say is the root of evil, the fact that some of them have enough money as you can see makes them believe that they can make their own laws and live according to it. They are so hungry for power that they have put themselves above the president.

2. They get married to each other

When you have a lot of money and power, it is very easy to be tempted to do things that can be called "abnormal". the Rothschild family has so many legacies that include keeping their family secrets to themselves.

3. They control the US Federal Reserve

This is a bank in the United States of America that is owned by people outside of America, and this is where the United States keeps most of the money. This bank belongs to the Rockefeller and Rothschild family, but it is debated that the Rothschild family is the main owner.

4. They control the gold market

They are supposed to fix the amount of gold sold around the world. That is, they control the gold market.

5. They influence secret cults

The Rothschild family is said to be the main influencer of the Illuminati.

6. Some are Satanists

There are a lot of rumors that the family says they worship Satan, although this was not admitted by the family, but so many things can make you think so, the family has a dark seat reserved in their house which is said to be for the dark lord and they do not allow anyone to sit on it, also the family seals all their documents with a stamp which is used by the wizard and wizard in the first days.

7. They have about $500 trillion in secret

These families have been arguably the richest in the world for the past 200 years and have assets worth around $400 million and still believe they have more wealth secretly, but their secretive lifestyle means that people aren't seeing them at Forbes rating every year.

8. They have influenced so many wars

Since they are the most powerful family in the world and they control half of the world's money it was easier for them to cause wars from the past.

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Content created and supplied by: Hajia_Maryam (via Opera News )

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