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Cold store and corn mill operators fume over new "Usain Bolt" ECG meters

The Cold Store and Corn Millers Union at Agbobloshie Market in the Greater Accra Region have made a passionate appeal to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to correct any anomaly regarding the newly installed ‘Usain Bolt” ECG pre-paid meters for their shops.

The Coldstores and Corn millers refer to the pre-paid meters as Usain Bolt because of the rate at which the electricity credit they buy quickly runs out upon loading.

The call comes on the back of the Electricity Company’s agenda to roll out new pre-paid meters to Cold Store and Corn mill operators at Agbogbloshie.

The rollout which started in November last year had meters of some shops changed without prior notice to shop owners but after some agitations from the operators the exercise was halted because it was an election year so says the operators.

According to some cold store operators, who are using the new meters that come with remote control, the bills charged them by the ECG is not only outrageous but affecting their survival as small-scale businesses.

The group, in an interview with this paper, said the outrageous bills have increased their operational cost and affected earnings and therefore something urgent must be done to address their concerns or else they will resist the oppressor’s rule.

They have vowed to use every available means to prevent ECG personnel who will be dispatched to the market to change their meters, stressing that they will not allow nation wreckers (heads of the Electricity Company of Ghana) who are bent on destroying people’s businesses?

“My brother, we are suffering, the truth must be told, the bills are just too much. I am operating three (3) cold stores, but the bills jump from GH1000 to GH2,200. A day for just one cold store, this is very bad for a poor Ghanaian like me,”, Madam Margaret Amaki lamented and backed her claim with official receipts of electricity bills purchased since the new meter was fixed.

Madam Amaki explained that the entire area has no ECG outlet where they can make payments or buy credit for the newly installed meters, “When you exhaust your credit you can’t get some to buy unless you go to Korle - Bu. And if I have a problem in the evening, you can’t go there because they would have closed by then.”

A visit to the market revealed that Madam Margaret Amaki had switched off one out of the three (3) cold stores she operates because of what she described as insensitive bills being charged on her by the ECG.

According to her, her company nearly collapsed when the energy crisis was at its peak “and she cannot go through such a bitter experience again with these high bills when she doesn’t get many returns.

She charged the government to, as a matter of urgency, do something about the situation in other to avert the collapse of small-scale businesses which hitherto is already under serious threat because of the Covid -19 pandemic and called on His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo to step in and help small business enterprises in the country over the abnormal billing situation.

In her view, governments are voted into power to help alleviate the plight of citizens but not to overburden them with bills and other high taxes.

They threaten that should the government fail or refuse to do something about it, they will embark on a naked demonstration to drum home their point because if they don’t make any profit how they are expected to pay taxes and feed themselves and their families.

The livid operators were hopeful that the government will take immediate steps to address their concerns.

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