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If You Want To Be A Millionaire, There Are These Steps You Need To Follow - Reno Omokri Reveals

To become a successful person in one field of work it always comes with a lot of sacrifice, some will even give up along the line due to the challenges.

A Nigerian socialites and a political activist know as Reno Omokri has outlined the steps that one need to follow to make it in life even if you are broke down into pieces.

The socialites posted the statement on his Facebook page when intercepted.

“ Success can be achieved when broke down to small manageable steps. Don’t aim to go from broke to millionaire overnight. The giant step required may overwhelmed you and you may fail. And failure can discourage you.

Instead, go for $100. Then $1000. Then $10,000. Then $100,000 and then $1million.

Climb your ladder in steps. Just imagine a ladder, if the rungs of a ladder are too far apart, you will be stuck, because you won’t be able to reach the second ladder. That’s how the tortoise defeated the hare. By taking small steps consistently” he advised.

I think by following this steps, it will definitely help you and I.

Share with us your steps of becoming a millionaire.

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By: Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma

Content created and supplied by: MNCNEWS (via Opera News )

Nigerian Reno Omokri


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