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Sausages and what else? What the 7,200 seized male reproductive organs could probably be meant for.

At an estimated total value of $1.15 billion with each organ selling approximately $160,000 according to reports, a container containing about 7,200 human "penis" has been seized by the Chinese government with reports indicating that it was shipped from Nigeria.

A report such as this is very worrying as one would wonder where they got these organs from and from whom, as it's sort of one man one P.

Also one would ask what the use of such large quantities are meant for. Are they possibly meant for sausages ( we say so because they both have similar shapes) are they meant for medicinal purposes, are they meant for other industrial purposes or medicinal purposes or they are meant to be donated to others who need it ( is it even possible? ).

If they are to be sold to others in need of it, is it worth the price of $160,000.

We did a quick read on the human organ market and ranked them in terms of price.

If you want to legally sell your heart, it can be purchased for about $1 million. Livers come in second, worth about $557,000 and kidneys cost about $262,000 each.

This makes it one of the lucrative organ businesses per the price it's been sold.

In case of an organ donation, shouldn't the donor voluntarily give up his organ? We doubt if that was the case in this one as we can safely assume that these organ were forcefully taken from their rightful owners.

In the end, the Chinese authories have indicated that they have made some arrests of individuals believed to be part of this act.

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