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Mali is the largest producer of Cotton in Africa.

Cotton is is a soft, fluffy staple fibre that grows around the seed of a cotton plant. The fiber contains minor percentage of fats, pectins and water.

Cotton is produced in most countries across the world. Russia, parts of Asia and Africa produce cotton in very large quantities. Mali is Africa's largest cotton producer. Mali was able to produce 760,000 tonnes of cotton in the 2021/2022 cotton season. This production is about 382% up as compared to the 630,000 tons produced in 2020/2021. Cotton is Mali's second biggest export commodity. Benin Republic is also Africa's second largest producer of cotton with 714,000 tons in 2021/2022.

Cotton is a very important commodity because of its numerous uses. Many clothes are made of cotton and because of the qualities cotton has, they are normally expensive. Cotton are also used to do house equipments such as pillows, sofas and what have you.


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