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Farmers Day De Asem BeBa See The Award Given To Best Farmer In A Community And Other Amazing Of Yam

The National farmers day was celebrated today on Friday 3rd December 2021 and many Districts and communities organized some awards for the best farmer in their area.

Ghana Media Giant, TV3 has shared a picture of a purported award recievied by the overall best farmer in the specific community and that has got Nitizens talking.

Some people are of the view that Farmers and teachers are the most disrespected personalities in this country because the government doesn’t regard them.It’s sad that the best farmer for the whole greater Accra is being awarded these items yet the fuel allowance alone for a minister or member of parliament for a year can buy a motorcycle.Some see it as a shame and total disrespect shown to all farmers in the country.

Other people on Facebook commented that, there are no jobs, so when we go to school we should know the type of courses to choose , now see how can l advice my children to go into agriculture? The motivation is low.

People also brought up the young boy Oswald who recievied numerous vacation gift after his viral letter popped up on the social media and compared to what the farmer has received as the prize.

"Meanwhile during Oswald vacation day many people presented that boy with so many gifts.Ghana Is just the most useless country in the world.You don't respect a farmer and you are foolishly and stupidly expecting the youth to venture into farming." A Facebook fan of TV3 said.

Other folks believe that some top politicians per diem for attending meetings is more that the cost of this award. Others believe that some sit in air conditions ,and debate on anything ,drag chairs ,insult one another ,lie most of the time and get themselves rewarded with a car.

Amazing Image Of Yam Also Pops Up

Ghana is indeed blessed with rich soil. That incredible image of the yam is a proof. If the youth and other people are motivated well into Agriculture, unemployment rate is likely to reduced.

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