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Why is Africa poor? A rich continent regarded as a poor continent.

Africa is regarded as one of the poorest continents on earth. It is quite strange to define a continent such as Africa as a poor continent.

Africa has everything to make it the richest and greatest continent on earth. It has vast arable land to produce food to feed at least its own children if not the rest of the world. Africa has almost every mineral in the world that the world needs. Africa has large quantities of oil that the world needs. Africa has abundance of sunshine and rainfall to feed the many crops and plants and trees that the world needs. The vast number of water bodies alone can supply more than needed energy and food (fish) for its people. And the list is endless.

If a continent has all these and many more, what then makes it a poor continent? Is it the very children of Africa that makes it poor? Is it the very people of Africa who are making it poor and poorer?

From Angola through Madagascar to Zimbabwe, Africa has everything. Literally everything to make it super rich. The distribution of the Covax vaccine has seen children of some African countries reacting angrily to the fact that some foreign media houses labelled African countries as amongst the world's poorest countries.

It is very hard to believe that a continent endowed with such array of rich natural resources is still seen as one of the most poorest on earth. Africa seems to be always looking up to Europe or America and more recently, China for help in many many ways.

What can Africa do to be rich?

What can Africa do to be self sufficient and self reliant?

What can Africa do to rub shoulders with the world elites?

What should Africa do or mustn't do to be counted as one of the best if not the best?

Is Africa going to remain forever poor?

Please share your ideas and opinions below.....

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