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Ghanaian Based In South Africa Reveals Why Most Ghanaian Youth Are Traveling Outside To Make Money

Samuel, A Ghanaian who belongs to the Akuapem, from Aburi has lived in South Africa for about 10 years. 

According to Samuel, he went to South Africa because of a job opportunity. 

“I had the opportunity to work with a company in Cape Town and that is the reason why I came here in South Africa”.

Kobby Kyei asking why Ghanaian graduates after school takes their acquired knowledge to help other countries and not Ghana, he said;

"The system that we have in Ghana is very poor. Say I’m 30 years old. In South Africa I’m running three companies; a construction company, a multimedia company and still doing manufacturing as well, which are all doing well."

"Even in Ghana, when you present your proposal to someone, they will first ask of your age instead of focusing on the knowledge and capabilities". 

Samuel revealed that, the Ghanaian High Commission has not been supporting the ideas they bring on board to help the country.

He said;

"Since we came here, there are many projects we took to the Ghana High Commission on the ticket that, we can bring some of these projects to Ghana which is going to help because, we have worked with many companies and we foresaw things that were going to happen to Ghana, but presenting such ideas that are helping us to make money in South Africa to our embassy, they will say some Chinese people have already brought theirs and they are looking into it".

For him, he believes the system in Ghana favors people coming from outside than those who are within, adding that, even if someone come to Ghana with a fake Certificate, the person will be granted a big position because of that perception that, certificates or people from outside comes with something better. 

Kobby Kyei asked if it is true that, most of the Ghanaian Youth are lazy as alleged, Samuel admitted he has been to so many countries and can testify that, Ghanaian Youth are the most Hardworking in Africa.

He said;

“Ghanaian Youth strive with their strength and knowledge with whatever we have to do something tangible to survive. We don’t base on stealing and frauds, we work, but the Ghanaian system is not supporting".

Samuel added that, the system in South Africa supports graduates with business ideas.

He said;

"In South Africa, if a Youth completes school, that person can come up with a business proposal for funding. They fund you if they see the idea will work, by giving you an office or whatever it takes."

He further highlighted that, they do not take the funding back, but the idea behind it is to build the business to employ other people. 

Samuel gave a clue that, such systems are in Ghana but we do not know which people are using those funds that are not helping the youth to establish their own businesses in the country.

So for him, Ghanaian Youth are traveling due to the poor system we have in Ghana.

Watch full interview here

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