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Massive Reactions As A Top Nigeria Official Allegedly Collapsed During A Probe On Covid-19 Funds

Whenever revenue inflows boom for every country or government, politicians see that as a chance to create for themselves, some wealth by looting from the public purse. In the local Ghanaian scene, there was the creation of the impression that it was only in Ghana that the government capitalized on COVID to make money by imposing COVID levy or taxes on the populace and also stealing and distributing for the party internals some of the revenues derived from COVID funding.

A video circulating around has revealed that Ghana is not the only country whose leaders and politicians stole COVID funds. In the viral video, the Nigerian politician who was facing a committee to account and be probed on how he expended the COVID fund allegedly, collapsed. As serious as that may be, the manner and timing in which the politician decided to pass out were funny.

Many people assumed that the official only pretended to collapse so that he will swerve the probe. Others also predicted that the official passed out because of the pressure he was facing and the fact that he was realizing that he will be caught in the end.

Watch some of the reactions.

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