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“Government Is Not Asking You To Pay For The Cost Of Covid-19”– Gabby Otchere Says

Gabby Otchere Darko has cleared the air on the issue of the Covid-19 tax. He has made a very clarifying statement as regarding the issue.

He said that the Government is not asking Ghanaians to pay for the cost of Covid-19 last year. He made known to Ghanaians that the cost led to the huge fiscal burden which the government do not want repeated this year. The task this year is two-fold: to defeat the virus, and rebuild the economy for businesses to thrive to create jobs and put cash in the pockets of workers.

Many people misunderstand the reason behind the COVID-19 tax. Most ignorant people threw tantrums at the government as they swallowed what opposition parties say hook line and sinkers.

Gabby went on to say that the 2021 budget is not asking anybody to pay for the cost of 2020. Rather, we are being asked to help share the burden of the existing Covid-19 costs, including vaccines for over 20 million Ghanaians.

Let us also not fail to remember that there is an equally important cost of reviving the economy through the cost of stimulus packages.

In conclusion the NPP supporter and Nephew of president Akufo Addo said that deceit is when a government pretends there is no cost to anything and uses your taxes not for the greater public good. So as taxpayers, we must all consider ourselves as partners in bringing our national economy back to life even as Government continues to invest your money to save lives. So tell us what you think about what Gabby Otchere Darko stated. Did he make sense to you or you still have your opinion as regarding the issue, let us know in the comments section.

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