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Business Management analysis

Three business tips that can boost your business in just a day.

In my previous post I made mention of some businesses you can start if you want to make somewhere between 1000 to 10,000 cedis, dollars, naira, you just name it in just a day. But even with all the tips I gave you can clearly see that it takes some disciplines in order to fulfill such a goal. In this write up I will be taking you through some things you need to know even before you think of starting any business.

I always say this that there is nothing like juju, rituals or any thing spiritual that makes you succeed in the field of business. However it is in the minds of some people that going for some things from some quack herbalist will make them succeed in the economic world of business. Well let just say it might work but provided you don't have what am about to mention just forget about making it big out there and having it work consistently for you.

To start with, the first rule for business success is to conquer fear. In our dispensation it takes fearless people and non phobic people to succeed. Be willing to push forward when all hope is gone. Believe in yourself that you can indeed make it happen. This dramatic world is such that whatever you wish for comes to pass through hard work and determination, but the number one killer of dreams is fear. The word fear should be out of the box first even before success can begin. It took Bill Gate, Ellon Musk and all these great people to overcome fear even before reaching where they are now. I therefore motivate you today that you can do it just let the fear go.

Moreso, be determined to win. There is a quote that states that "some people succeed because they are destined to others also succeed because there are determined to". This is the magic most of these great businessmen and women and all these entrepreneurs have been operating with. Be determined to sail through and you will get there.

Furthermore, one key factor that more times collapse businesses is lack of planning. I know most of us are familiar with this word but in actual sense some of us don't plan. All we know is we do it anyhow and we expect to get there which is bad. The master planner is the creator of this universe. He planned everything in such a way that in the end everything will be to His glory. I therefore urge you to plan before starting any business. Draw a yearly resolution for your business. Be assured of where you are going and we're you want to get to in the next 5 to 10 years in your business.

Our last tip for the day is just start. You might think it's too late to start that business. Just stop giving yourself excuses and just start. If you don't start you might never achieve that goal you want to achieve. Be will to initiate that ideal you have in your head. In my next write-up I will share my experience when I was struggling to start my business. I think this will motivate you to do exploit.

Thanks for reading and make sure you like, share, comment and follow me up for more updates. Let me know if I should bring the part two of this write up. Thank you.

By: MI Everstine Boadu.

Content created and supplied by: Everstine (via Opera News )


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