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Money is Sweet o: Here is the Cost of an Apartment in East Legon

There certain residential parts of Ghana which is considered as for the rich and wealthy only. When it comes to that, one popular area on everyone's lips is East Legon.

Many have tried to enquired about the price of a normal apartment in such a luxurious place. We have managed to get the exact amount you will need to buy or rent an apartment in East Legon.

For starters East Legon is not a place for the middle income earners but for the wealthy. Thus apartment and houses there are marked above 6 figures.

For a normal apartment in East Legon, you will need roughly about 2million Ghana cedis to buy one. That is 20 billion old cedis. If you want to rent one you will have to pay roughly an amount of 18,000 a year. That also is 180 million old cedis.

Houses in that area are selling as high as 15million Ghana cedis to lessly 2 million Ghana cedis. That is from 150 billion old cedis to 20 billion old cedis. Compared to a normal apartment at other places, apartments and houses in East Legon are 50% - 70% higher than them.

Would you like to buy an apartment in such a place? Follow me for more contents like this and latest news.

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