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Should The Government Burn The Galamsey Excavators?

We were all here when the government confiscated 500 excavators and they all mysteriously disappeared back to the galamsey sites.

If these excavators are not burnt, is what happened to the 500 excavators not going to be repeated in the second fight?

So long as these excavators are in the system won't they find their way back into our forest reserves and water bodies? 

The gold these galamsey operators have gotten is enough to compensate the burnt excavators.

Looking at the nature of our agencies, if these excavators are not destroyed, they will eventually find their way back to the mining sites. When that happens, the mercury poisoning will continue. The water bodies that have been preserved for centuries would be destroyed. Our forests would be destroyed among other deleterious effects.

If these illegal miners do not understand, they should go to court and they may perhaps be compensated.

Even with the burnings going on, there are people still mining and destroying our forests and poisoning our water bodies.

That is how unwilling these miners are to stop destroying the country. Even as they are not ready to stop destroying our lands(property) so is the government not ready to stop destroying the very equipment they are using to do so.

Do you agree with the burning of the excavators?

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