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4 most expensive houses in Ghana.

Luxury living in Ghana comes as no surprise to many, even though a lot of us will probably never afford to own such an expensive home, many of us find a certain degree of pleasure in learning and discussing them.

Many of the most expensive houses will feature very bold and interesting designs, especially the more modern Ghana houses! We've compiled a lists of the top five most expensive houses in Ghana. These beautiful houses in Ghana are located at various high class residences in the city and outskirts of Accra.. To add to the mix, sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking houses available at whooping sums of money.

$9million mansion in Aburi

Situated in the Eastern Region of Ghana stands, you will find the 22 bedroom mansion in Aburi. This property has large bedrooms that are fully furnished state of on art modern kitchen setup, conference rooms, a tennis court, a swimming pool and a Gym. All these are available on this mega property.

If your are looking to go on a business retreat, this is the perfect place for you and can definitely house a lot of people.

Airport residential $4,000,000 mansion

Property prices in Ghana have been shooting up, especially in a number of prime neighborhoods like Airport residential, cantonments and East legon. This 5 bedroom mansion located in Airport residential sits on a 1-acre land, has a big swimming pool, garden and a tennis court to compensate for the asking price.

The interior of this property boasts a beautiful spacious living area, a fully fitted kitchen, and a dinning area. There are 5 bathrooms and the interior decorations are state of the art.

There is domestic accomdation for workers and Gerage parking space for 5 cars as well.

$3million Airport hills mansion

You can find this $3million mansion in the prestigious Airport hills neighborhood. This highly secured gated neighborhood houses some of the most beautiful properties you can neighborhood coupled with all the luxury that comes with this mansion makes it the dream property of many rich homeowners.

The property sits on a 2 quater plot and is built over two floors. The 5 bedrooms ensuite bedroom units provide ample room for families looking for a luxurious residences to move in. The property has a TV room, a study room, a storage room and 2 beautiful kitchens fitted with an additional kitchenette

$25000,000 6 bedroom house at Airport hills

The stunning looking mansion can be found in the prestigious Airport hills area. This mansion is one of the best designs in the Airport hills surrounded by more and more stunning real estate and greenery.

It has a spacious compound , a large balcony to sit and enjoy the views of the estate, a big swimming pool where you can take a dip when the sun is out and a well paired compound that adds to the beauty of this stunning home.

The interior of this mansion will take your breathaway. There is nothing better than a luxury home with comfort and tranquillity. The spacious living room is so welcoming and big enough for people with large families, a well fitted kitchen, nice guest washroom, and a big dinning area. For $2500,000 you sure do get your own gymnasium, indoor cinema and inbuilt wardrobes for each room along with two boy's room quaters.

This residence provide you with all the luxury money can buy.

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