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IMANI Ghana Finally React To E-Levy, Reveals 'Hot' Secrets About The Levy

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Vice President of IMANI Ghana, Kofi Bentil has also talked about the controversial Electronic Levy Bill while revealing a lot of unseen facts about the levy. He, however, didn't support the E-Levy and described it in a lot of ways.

Mr. Kofi Bentil revealed they, IMANI Ghana, believes the E-Levy is just a lazy approach by the government to have more revenue. He added that the government has seen a lot of liquidity in telecommunications and just wants to take advantage of it.

While speaking to News File on Joy News this morning, Mr. Kofi Bentil revealed that IMANI believes that a better readjustment of our tax system will yield far more money than E-levy will ever bring.

“The E-levy is the lazy man’s approach. It is no hanging fruit. It is easy money. They see a lot of liquidity in the telcos sector, and they believe that we should just reach in and take some of it."

“We are quite sure that a better readjustment of our will yield far more money, especially a focus on the extractive sector, we are quite sure that a better exemption policy will yield far more money."

“However, another thing we are sure about is that E-levy will not give us the kind of money we are looking for." Vice President of IMANI Ghana said on Joy News today.

He, therefore, called for a review of our tax systems to ensure the country gets the maximum gains from it.

“We need to take a better look at our tax system. The problem is that the same elites who are in charge of the tax system and structures are connected to these mines and companies, so it is difficult for them to do what they need to do to improve our tax outcomes…we need to do some hard modeling in taxation instead of doing these easy cheap things which cannot last more than two years,” he added.

Do you agree with Kofi Bentil and IMANI that we should review our tax system and not pass the E-Levy?

What is your opinion on the E-Levy??

kindly leave all your thoughts and comments below in the comment section.

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