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Think about the effects of your interest on others before taking actions

I usually hear passengers pressurising commercial drivers who stop frequently to pick passenger to hurry up. In fact, they express worry each time he stops to pick a passenger on the way. This simply means the passengers do not care if the driver arrives with an empty car and an empty pocket or not. Theirs is to get to their destinations early enough to start their businesses.

I think that is a good example of selfishness. Friends, families and foes have wishes that they want you to fulfil, they do not think about the effects of their demands on you, so long as their whims and caprices are satisfied, your interest doesn't matter.

As we embark on our respective daily activities, our minds should not be filled with self interest at the expense of our next neighbor knowing the consequence that will surround them after our will is achieved.

That's the kind of society we live in these days.

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