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Inside Apple's $5 Billion Dollars Headquarters

In 2017, construction on Apple's new headquarters called the "Apple Park" was finally completed. It took 4 years to build and cost Apple over $5 Billion dollars.

That makes it one of the most expensive buildings on earth and many people have wandered what exactly Apple got for their money. 

So in this article we are going to take a look inside Apple's Park and discover the buildings and facilities that makes the headquarters so special. 

Now let's start of with the main building on Apple's Park

The Ring

It features four-story of office space for over 12 thousand employees. The ring walk-way lines the inner and outer perimeter of the building which means it takes about seven and half minutes to reach the opposite side, where about 15 minutes to walk all the way around. 

Apple park was designed to be open as possible inorder to encourage the free flow of ideas through channel meetings between employees. 

The Restaurant

It also has one big restaurant instead of several small ones located throughout the building. The restaurant itself is called "Cafe Max" and features four-story glass sliding doors. 

The Apple Park also has underground story parking garage furnished with reflecting white tiles, doors, ceilings and traffic lights. 

The Court Yard Area

Mainly consist of olive oil trees plus urban garden near the cafe

Artificial Pond

Apple also added an artificial Pond just like the ring building which happens to be a perfect cycle. Which also have underground meeting building.

The Rectangular Field

There is also a rectangle field with a rainbow structure, actually serves as a stage for speakers or performances. It's uses the same rainbow as the early apple logo. 

The Glendenning Barn

This was not part of Apple's original plans. The Barn was built in 1916 and happened to be on the land Apple purchase for their new headquarters. 

This Barn serves as historical site in 2004 so Apple intend to use it as a place of storing maintenance tools and other landscaping materials Instead of destroying it.

Fitness And Wellness Center

This was actually part of Apple's plans. It's one hundred thousand square foot with complete changing rooms, showers, laundering services, group work-out rooms and a two story Yoga rooms covered in stones. 

Sports Field

Where workers can enjoy the game of basketball and tennis.

Apple Park Central Plan

The central plan houses utility equipment like fuel sales, back-up generators, chillers, condensers, water storage, hot water storage, electrical sub-station, water and air pumps. 

The Parking Garage

The parking garage allows an additional nine thousand spaces for workers.

Steve Jobs Theater

It's a circular building made of curved glass panels topped with the largest carbon fiber room in the world. 

Apple Park Visitor Center

It's the only Apple Park open to the public. It's a two-story building with four main areas. A cafe, an exibition center and a roof top tourist can overlook the entire park. 

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