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How to boost sales or customers using charcoal, bitter kola and sea salt.

Do you want customers or do you want to boost your sales , read to find out.

This article is not for everybody but for the few people that believes in the proficiency of natural things.

Please if your religion is against it just pass by keep me your religion or tribal views on this.


Bitter kola.

Sea salt.



Grind your bitter kola into a powdered form, cut your charcoal into four pieces or just get four pieces of charcoal .

Then get little salt , mix your bitter kola powder and your salt together then divide it into four places .

Put one each at the four corners of your shop and add a piece of charcoal each to the four corners, pray for boom and you will see wonders.

Remember to cleansen yourself of negative auras before doing this.

Youll experience big sales and turn around in your business.

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