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Young man builds his own machine gun (photos)

It is important to give recognition for rising, successful African inventors.

Young people are often underestimated. Yet the society needs all the energy, brains, imagination, and talents youth can bring to bear down on our difficulties.

Pictures of a boy is trending on social media. The young man made his own machine gun that actually works.

The machine gun looks like it was not made from expensive stuff.It looks like it was made from recycled materials.

Africa has many gifted children, with no chance for education.

How many potential innovators and geniuses have we lost?"

The rest of the world has long believed that Africa can’t produce its own scientific inventions. This myth can be traced back to the time of slavery and colonialism – systems that led even Africans themselves to think that nothing good could come from the continent.

Africa needs to start demonstrating to the world that it is capable of producing its own innovators. It can do this in two ways: by investing in the continent’s youth and creating opportunities for the new generation of African inventors and innovators to take up their place on the global stage.

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