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Significance of Woe, a town on Anlo Land that produces most Vegetables in Ghana

Woe is pronounced as Wo-ay in Ewe Language.It is a small rural town in Ghana's Volta region near the larger town of Keta. Woe's economy relies heavily on fishing.

A notable landmark there is a large lighthouse called Cape St. Paul Lighthouse on the beach that guides ships away from a mythical massive underwater mountain. This lighthouse is also thought to be the oldest in Ghana. And the predominant local language of Woe is Ewe.In 1962 the population of Woe was 3,450.

Woe has seen a huge growth in population where people from all walks life now settle to transact business, for family purposes or for other reasons.

When you talk of the main and lasgest vegetable producers in Ghana, there is no other town than Woe. Where you can find differents vegetables that you can imagine both exoctic and local. Among these vegetables are Fresh Tomatoes, Okro, Pepper , different kinds of Onion, Lettuce, Carbbage, among numerous vegetables that I can not mention.

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