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1 Dollar Equals 6 Cedis, We Shall Get Unto The Street;Capt Smart Warns And Reveals New Cement Price

At this point, a person staying in America is more comfortable than someone living in Ghana. No job, those with jobs are earning same salary they took since a year or more ago, no increment. Meanwhile commodity prices have skyrocketed, courtesy good economic managers. This is the general impression now in the country with the current campaign on fixing the country from Anti Corruption media men like Captain Smart.

Once again the voice of the voiceless in championing the youth cause has demanded for better living conditions in the country. He has mentioned some prominent individuals and criticized them constructively. He bemoaned their inability to deliver on the promises. The journalist complained bitterly that upon all the natural resources we have as a continent, we still suffer and beg for alms from international countries as if we don't know how to manage our own affairs.

He recalled the words of prominent politician "Y3te Sika so nso 3kom de y3n" to wit " we are still hungry upon all the rich minerals we have." Then again, the words of other top person in government that "there is money here in the country, no need for excess borrowing."

In addition he said that we are getting into the streets very soon. In the 4th Republic both NPP and NDC are the same, we cannot remain like this forever. I wonder how those without job survive on because people with jobs are crying.

The economy is badly wounded and is affecting them. Such politicians we trusted but what happened? Now 1 dollar is 6 cedis, cement is 52 cedis, 1 kenkey is 2 cedis and research has shown that there are people who don't earn more than 2 cedis a week for these people how do you expect them to live in Accra.

What do you think of captain smart's claim of the price of cement and kenkey.

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